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Author: Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock has transformed the lives of many people by sharing her pragmatic Humanist approach to living life fully and intentionally. By encouraging people be the best, most ethical humans they can be, she consistently challenges people to think about and question who they are, what they are and more importantly, how they want to be.
She is one of the few individuals in America who was raised as a Humanist and she brings her delightful sense of humor, creativity, and compassion combined with a no-nonsense approach to all of her work and her coaching. She will help you focus on what really matters in your life and will teach you the practical skills you need to live your life the way you know you should be: ethically, compassionately and responsibly.

In Jen's Own Words

I have a slightly unusual background. Two intellectual parents in a Los Angeles beach town raised me. That means I am a rare native Angelino. I am also culturally half Jewish, half Catholic and, as it turns out, all Humanist. I owe my Humanism to my parents who made the radical decision to respect my freedom of belief as a child, which at the time, just wasnt done. Not only was I free to believe as I wanted, I was actively encouraged to think for myself and to challenge my assumptions through the extensive use of the Socratic method by my parents. Volunteerism and compassion for others was an active part of our family values. In other words, Humanism is natural to me. It was how I was raised and what I was taught to value. It is not something I learned about as an adult.

My academic career includes a degree in cognitive linguistics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa where I trained dolphins, and some time spent learning mandarin at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. And yes, both Hawaii and China are awesome places to be and for the record dolphins dont feel like wet rubber. More like wet skin.
Anyway, my first job out college was as the Director of Volunteer Services for the LASPCA. I feel like I did a lot of good there. The feral cat management program I wrote has been adopted, literally, all over the world. My volunteer program was ground breaking and I ended up mentoring volunteer administrators in SPCAs across the country in addition to being a speaker at international conferences on volunteer administration.

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