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GenesisCE Authors Index

The following authors and editors have contributed to the courses currently available on GenesisCE. If you are interested in contributing a course and getting your very own profile page, please contact us.

Abramowitz, Jonathan
Allender, Dan
Angus, Lynne E.
Arkowitz, Hal
Baker, Ellen K.
Baker, Paul W.
Barnett, Jeffrey E.
Bauer, Mark S.
Becker, Ernest
Bernstein, Albert J.
Berrett, Michael E.
Block, Stanley H.
Brabeck, Mary M.
Brombacher, Maggidah Shoshanna
Bryant Block, Carolyn
Campbell, Jane M.
Canda, Edward R.
Carlson, Linda E.
Catlett, Joyce
Chapman, Gary
Clinton, Timothy
Cloud, Henry
Corrigan, J.
Costin, Carolyn
Crabb, Larry
Donaldson, Molla
Drisko, James W.
Du Plessis, Guy
Duncan, Barry L.
Earle, David W.
Edwards, Aleta
Engel, Beverly
Figueroa, L.M.
Firestone, Lisa A.
Firestone, Robert W.
Flowers, Blaine
Fontes, Lisa Aronson
Forman, Bruce D.
Frank, Jan
Freimuth, Marilyn
Furman, Leola D.
Grady, Melissa D.
Greenberg, Leslie S.
Greene, B.
Greenwald, Devra E.
Hall, Donald P.
Hancock, Jennifer
Hardman, Randy K.
Harris, Russ
Henry, Philip
Herlihy, Barbara
Hodge, D.R.
Hohman, Melinda
Johnson, W. Brad
Kantor, David
Kelly, Jack
Kenney, Lynne
Kilbourne, Amy M.
Kleinman, Arthur
Koch-Sheras, Phyllis
Kohn, Linda
Kraft, Julie S.
Kushner, Rabbi H.
Lamphear, Vivian
Linehan, Marsha M.
Longman III, Tremper
Ludman, Evette J.
Malkin, Craig
Margolis, R.D.
Marich, Jamie
Marlar, Sherry
May, G. G.
McBride, Linda
Miklowitz, David
Miller, David
Miller, William
Monson, Candice M.
Naar, Sylvie
Nakken, Craig M.
Nicholi, Armand M. Jr.
Nichols, Michael
Ohlschlager, George
Paul, Robert
Peterson, Tanya J.
Phelan, James
Pipher, Mary
Pope, Kenneth
Real, Terrence
Richards, P. Scott
Rollnick, Stephen
Romano, John L.
Safren, Steve A.
Saleebey, Dennis
Sandor, Richard S.
Schoenewolf, Gerald
Schubert Grabb, Gwen
Seligman, Martin
Shapiro, Leslie J.
Shapiro, Shauna L.
Sheras, Peter
Shnaider, Philippe
Sichel, Mark
Smalley, Gary
Smalley, Michael
Sonne, Janet
Stortvedt, Dr. Colleen M.
Townsend, John
Virkler, Henry
Walsh, Froma
Washton, Arnold
Wehrenberg, Margaret
White-McMahon, Meredith
Williams, Rebecca E.
Wolpe, Rabbi D.
Yalom, Irvin
Zweben, J.E.