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Course: Living a Life That Matters
by Rabbi Harold Kushner

CE Credit Hours: 7
Fee: $50

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Rabbi Kushner's book, Living A Life that Matters, underlines the struggles of living in two worlds. He defines the outer world of performance, achievement, commerce and work as a world where there are more losers than winners. He contrasts this with the inner world of faith or spirit where the heroes are models of compassion rather than competition and there are more winners than losers.

Kushner hones in on the therapist's task of empowering clients in their pursuit of the things that do matter, without moralizing. Instead, he underscores the virtues of justice, mercy and humility.

The book leaves clinicians feeling more connected in their mission of life as well as more empowered to empower.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:

  • appreciate and understand Jewish literature and biblical writings in regards to life
  • identify the conflicting values clients experience in their quest for spirituality
  • understand the relationship with authority and goodness
  • identify and apply the stages of moral development to client's personal growth
  • understand the difference between revenge and vindication
  • help clients resolve trauma and abuses without resorting to revenge
  • empower clients to envision and live a life of dignity and integrity

Syllabus / Course Instructions

  • The Course consists of reading the selected book, successfully completing an online posttest and filling out a course evaluation.
  • The book is not included. It must be purchased separately. We have supplied a link to for your convenience.
  • Purchasing your course will give you access to both a printable copy of the test and an online version. Print the test to use as a companion as you read the book and answer the questions.
  • You cannot exit the online test once you begin, so have your answers available.
Additional Resources On This Site for CE

Additional Resources Not On This Site

  • Temple Israel's Website where Rabbi Kushner is Rabbi Laureate
  • Spirituality and Health website contains articles and summaries of Rabbi Kushner's works, along with a host of other spiritual topics and resources.

Bio: Rabbi Harold Kushner

Rabbi Harold Kushner is the Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in Natick, Massachusetts. He is a native of Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of Columbia University. He is the author of several best-selling books, including When Bad Things Happen to Good People, published in 1981 and translated into 12 languages. Rabbi Kushner is internationally recognized for his writings and the comfort and guidance which they provide. He holds six honorary degrees and has received numerous distinguishing awards, including the Christopher Medal and The Yitzhak Rabin Award. In 1995, he was honored as one of 50 people who have made the world a better place in the past 50 years. He also serves on the Board of Directors for The Giving Back Fund, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging and facilitating philanthropic efforts of professional athletes and entertainers.