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Course: Question of God
by Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.

CE Credit Hours: 12
Fee: $60

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This highly acclaimed book and PBS series comparing the philosophies of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis evolved from a course taught for 25 years by Harvard professor Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D. Although these diametrically opposed brilliant minds of the 20th century never met, Nicholi intriguingly places their arguments side by side in virtual debate.

Clinicians will broaden their education as they review the biographical data of the historical, familial and cultural influences which impacted these men. Their philosophical world view will deepen as they read the juxtaposed debates on love, sex, loss, pain and suffering, morality, the meaning of life, death and the existence of God.

Dr. Nicholi alternately beckons Freud and Lewis to the lectern to speak on life's most profound issues. He reveals how each developed his world view and the congruency or lack thereof between their words and their lives. Dr. Nicholi does not render a verdict on who is correct in his assessment of the cosmos, but allows the student to draw his or her own conclusions. The mental health practitioner interested in spirituality and psychology will find this read exceptional.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:

  • appreciate the contrast between Christianity as reflected by C.S. Lewis and psychoanalysis as reflected by Sigmund Freud
  • appreciate spirituality as contrasted by traditional analysis
  • contrast the Christian view of conscience and Freud's super ego
  • understand Freud's view of Totem and Taboo as it applies to Lewis' Christian view of guilt
  • express the source of happiness from both a Freudian and Christian world view
  • help clients explore the deeper meaning of love, sex, life and death by being able to contrast the divergent world views of faith vs. materialism

Syllabus / Course Instructions

  • The Course consists of reading the selected book, successfully completing an online posttest and filling out a course evaluation.
  • The book is not included. It must be purchased separately. We have supplied a link to for your convenience.
  • Purchasing your course will give you access to both a printable copy of the test and an online version. Print the test to use as a companion as you read the book and answer the questions.
  • You cannot exit the online test once you begin, so have your answers available.
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Bio: Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.

Armand N. Nicholi, Jr. M.D. is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School and the editor and coauthor of The Harvard Guide to Psychiatry. Dr. Nicholi has taught a course comparing the philosophies of Freud and Lewis to hundreds of Harvard students for the past thirty years.

Dr. Nicholi's clinical work and research focuses on the effect of absent parents on the emotional development of children and adolescents. In addition to teaching and clinical work Dr. Nicholi is a psychiatric consultant to professional athletes, business and government.