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Course: NEW! The Mindful Path Through Anxiety: An 8-Week Plan to Quiet Your Mind & Gain Calm
by Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC

CE Credit Hours: 6
Fee: $29

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As you work through this book, you can expect to grow. The book you are holding is different from other anxiety and mindfulness books. The Mindful Path Through Anxiety will help you understand anxiety and how it impacts your life. It is hard to sort through anxiety and move past it into your quality life if you just try to walk over the surface, ignoring the heart of it. That said, you do not want to get stuck in trying to understand anxiety and its workings in your life. Like everyone, including the author, you need practical and active ways to overcome it. In this book you will discover many exercises designed to help you do just that. (Adapted from the Book)

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:

  • Explain how anxiety impacts the brain and body and what happens when it does
  • Describe mindfulness and how it can help decrease anxiety
  • Discuss anxiety triggers and how they interfere in clients’ lives
  • Identify and apply strategies to help clients distance themselves from their anxious thoughts
  • Create plans to help clients accept uncertainty in their lives
  • Describe mindfulness strategies to help clients transcend anxious emotions and thoughts
  • Explain the mind-body connection and describe mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help clients decrease anxiety in both mind and body

Syllabus / Course Instructions

  • This course is suitable for CE for beginning, intermediate and advanced level clinicians.
  • The Course consists of reading the selected book, successfully completing an online posttest and filling out a course evaluation.
  • The printed book or ebook is not included. It must be purchased separately. We have supplied a link to for your convenience.
  • Purchasing your course will give you access to both a printable copy of the test and an online version of the test. Print the test to use as a companion as you read the book and answer the questions.
  • You cannot exit the online test once you begin, so have your answers available.
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Bio: Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC

With credentials such as a Nationally Certified Counselor and her own personal experience with mental health care, author Tanya J. Peterson uses writing and speaking to increase understanding of and compassion for people living with mental illness as well as to help all people enhance their own mental health and well-being. She has written four critically acclaimed, award-winning novels, a self-help book, and she writes extensively for the mental health website Her HealthyPlace writing includes a weekly column entitled Anxiety-Schmanxiety. Additionally, she writes the main article in their weekly newsletter and has written more than 100 articles about various mental health topics that appear around the Furthermore, Tanya has written numerous mental health articles for varying online and print sources. She has been a guest on radio programs, speaking about mental health and her writing. She has also spoken about mental health regionally and nationally. She lives with her family in Oregon. Visit to learn more about Tanya and find links to connect with her.