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Here are just a few of the many unsolicited positive messages we've received over the years...

Clinical Quality and Ease of Use

It's easy to see this is a CE site by mental health clinicians for mental health clinicians, other sites have many esoteric courses, but yours addresses real clinical issues by recognized authorities in the clinical field, thank you.- William, psychologist, Massachusetts
I was amazed at the clear presentation of material in a professional and practical manner. This material will be beneficial to my practice and I will again use your services as they were easy to use, helpful and cost effective.- Amanda, LCSW, Ohio
This is a great website. I look forward to reading many of your offerings. Thank you.- Judith, LMFT, California
First time to use online CEs, I will be back.- Roger, LPC, Colorado
Thank you for including some courses focusing on spirituality and mental health treatment, this is important in my counseling approach and it is hard to find live or distant learning sites providing CE on this.- Christine, LCSW, Michigan

Testimonials About Specific Courses

Addiction and Grace (Course Details)

The book surprised me. I was expecting a book that just emphasized drug and alcohol addiction. I now see that there are numerous ways to be addicted, this course work can apply to many of my clients.- Jane, LPC, Ohio

Authentic Happiness (Course Details)

I had already purchased this book and others by Marty Seligman. I was prepared to pay over $300 for the tests to get credits for two of these books, when I came across your website. Not only did I save $170.00 on these two courses, but I also see a number of other titles that I have been considering in other catalogues. Your site is a boost for professionals wanting to increase their skills and knowledge in an affordable and efficient way.- GC, LCMHC, Virgina

Boundaries: When to Say Yes and How to Say No (Course Details)

The authors presented a significant amount of excellent material in a thoughtful and organized manner. Since helping people with relationships is an important focus of my therapeutic work I am pleased to have some new tools and understanding after reading this book. I think it will be helpful too in my personal growth and spiritual journey.- Steph, LMFT, California

Boundaries with Kids (Course Details)

I gained a lot from this book and it was a very productive beneficial way for me to obtain CEs!- Melanie, LCSW, Michigan

I've had the book and couldnt get around to reading it. Now it will help me with families; not to mention my six and my three year old. The concepts brought me a lot of clarity not only on parenting but the importance on boundaries for good mental and relational health.- Stephen, LMHC, Washington

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know (2nd Edition) (Course Details)

The book was easy to read and understandable. I have clients with bipolar disorders and the information will help me to focus on interventions specific to this disorder. I appreciate the forms that were included in the text, and the clarity and organization of the author's presentation. I now have a better understanding of the differing bipolar diagnosis and how to assess these conditions.- Priya, Licensed Professional Counselor, Oregon

Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion (Course Details)

A most interesting and relevant book, the test was clear and fair. Thank you for the CE opportunity.- Jo Ann, Psychologist, Texas

The book and exam were excellent and easy to follow. I will use it often for referral and refreshment.- John, Licensed Addiction Professional, Connecticut

Denial of Death (Course Details)

This was a fabulous book and a great choice for CEs! It really challenged my thinking, especially with regard to Freud and Rank. It was also wonderful to read about Kierkegaard and Tillich again.- Susan, Psychologist, Massachusetts

The Gift of Therapy (Course Details)

Yalom seems to 'get it all' regarding interactions with clients, with groups and the ingredients which encourage human growth. Excellent CE!- Carol Jean, Licensed Professional Counselor, North Carolina

Integrating Spirituality Into Treatment: Resources for Practitioners (Course Details)

This was a wonderful book. I haven't enjoyed reading a textbook so much in years. Every chapter was relevant, and the diversity of spiritual practices seemed well balanced. I really appreciate the differentiation between spirituality and religion which was elucidated in every chapter.- Kate, LCSW, Texas

Learned Optimism (Course Details)

Great book on optimism. I especially liked the later chapters using specific techniques. I plan to construct some examples for my caseload of teenagers who are discouraged and lack confidence to be successful.- Michelle, Licensed School Psychologist, California

To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future (Course Details)

Thank you for putting this into a CE course. I had this book on my shelf and never read it; so sad I waited this long. It was enlightening and will be a major resource for integrating its concepts into my work.- Sharon, LCSW, Illinois